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Make / Model
Body Type
Exterior Color
Highway MPG
City MPG
Mileage:1,402 mi
Vin: KMHLM4AG4MU163149
Price: $21,998

Exterior: BLACK
Interior: BLACK
Mileage:1,747 mi
Vin: 3N1CN8EV8NL827212
Price: $20,998

Exterior: BLACK
Interior: BLACK
Mileage:10,762 mi
Vin: 2GNAXXEVXL6247753
Price: $25,998

Exterior: SILVER
Interior: BROWN
Mileage:10,779 mi
Vin: 3FA6P0LU8LR177023
Price: $22,998

Exterior: GREY
Interior: BLACK
Mileage:18,000 mi
Vin: 1P3EW65G2XV500204
Price: $33,998

Exterior: -
Interior: -

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Mileage:35,392 mi
Vin: ZN661YUS6HX222870
Price: $39,998

Exterior: BLUE
Interior: RED
Mileage:39,126 mi
Vin: 1GC1KVEY9JF173637
Price: $44,998

Exterior: WHITE
Interior: GREY
Mileage:39,149 mi
Vin: 2C3CDXBG4KH657164
Price: $24,998

Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:48,029 mi
Vin: 1FD7W2BT3KEE14570
Price: $51,998

Exterior: WHITE
Interior: BLACK
Mileage:52,004 mi
Vin: WDC0J8EB3LF715386
Price: $38,998

Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:54,319 mi
Vin: WBA5R1C54KAE81571
Price: $29,998

Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:54,683 mi
Vin: 1C4BJWEG6FL685319
Price: $27,998

Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:55,205 mi
Vin: KNMAT2MT7JP578438
Price: $16,998

Exterior: -
Interior: -

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Mileage:55,651 mi
Vin: 1N6AA1EK0JN550253
Price: $25,998

Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:55,684 mi
Vin: 1C4SDHCT7NC101558
Price: $42,998

Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:60,385 mi
Vin: 1G1ZD5ST7MF043746
Price: $18,998

Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:65,475 mi
Vin: 1C4SDJCT1JC355039
Price: $32,998

Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:66,770 mi
Vin: 3GCPWAEH3LG306742
Price: $32,998

Exterior: WHITE
Interior: GRAY


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We understand that securing financing for your dream car is a crucial aspect of the purchasing process. That’s why we offer a user-friendly and secure online used car financing application. Our team of financial experts works tirelessly to find the best loan options available, regardless of your credit history. Whether you have excellent credit, a challenging credit situation, or no credit history at all, we are here to assist you in getting behind the wheel of your desired vehicle with flexible and affordable financing options.

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At Consumer Auto Credit Inc, we place great importance on the test drive experience. Booking a test drive of your preferred vehicle is as easy as a few clicks on our website or by giving us a call. Taking your desired car for a spin allows you to evaluate its performance, comfort, and features, helping you make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your driving preferences.

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Empower yourself with the knowledge of your loan eligibility before starting your vehicle search with our pre-approval process. Understanding your budget enables you to explore cars that suit your financial capacity. Simply fill out our online form or call us at (813) 232-4730, and our financing team will guide you through the seamless process of pre-approval.

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Your peace of mind is of utmost importance to us, which is why Consumer Auto Credit Inc offers extended protection plans on select vehicles. These comprehensive plans cover various components of the car, ensuring that you are safeguarded against unexpected repair expenses. Drive confidently knowing that your newly purchased vehicle is protected with our exceptional extended protection coverage.

Exceptional Automotive Maintenance Services:

At Consumer Auto Credit Inc, we believe in delivering exceptional customer service beyond the sales process. Our commitment to you extends to providing reliable automotive maintenance services to keep your vehicle in top-notch condition. From routine maintenance to essential repairs, our skilled technicians ensure your car runs smoothly for many years to come.

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For any inquiries, questions, or to learn more about our inventory and services, feel free to contact us at (813) 232-4730. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you and provide the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

At Consumer Auto Credit Inc, we take immense pride in being the leading used vehicle dealer in Tampa, FL, providing high-quality pre-owned cars, hassle-free financing, exceptional customer service, and comprehensive automotive maintenance services. Experience the difference today by visiting our inventory page and find your perfect vehicle with us!